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Safe plans

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YOUR SAFE PLACE IS____________________.


CALL 000 – an operator will answer “POLICE, FIRE, AMBULANCE”.


Then you say “POLICE!”

My name is_____________________________.

 I am __________years old

 I need help.

 Send the Police. Someone is hurting my mum.

 The address here is___________________________.

 The number here is___________________________.





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Taking precautions and making plans to STAY SAFE



What you need to take when you leave



❒          Driver’s License

❒          Birth Certificate

❒          Children’s Birth Certificates

❒          Social Security Cards


❒          Money and/or credit cards (in your name)

❒          Checking and/or savings account books



❒          Protective Order

❒          Lease, rental agreement and house deed

❒          Car registration and insurance papers

❒          Health and life insurance papers

❒          Medical records for you and your children

❒          School records

❒          Work permits/Green Card/Visa

❒          Passport

❒          Divorce and custody papers

❒          Marriage license



❒          Medications

❒          House and car keys

❒          Valuable jewelry

❒          Address book

❒          Pictures and sentimental items


Download a copy of the checklist here



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Police 000

Crisis Care 1800 199 008

Women’s DV Helpline 1800 007 339

Men’s DV Helpline 1800 000 599

Kid’s Helpline 1800 551 800

DCP Esperance 90832566



 Police 9079 8999

 Hospital 9079 8000


Leaving a Tenancy

If you are a tenant dealing with a family or domestic violence situation you now have options on managing your tenancy agreement.  Remember, whatever path you choose, your safety is paramount and there are support agencies around to help you.

Tenants affected by family and domestic violence (FDV) are able to:

  • GO - leave a tenancy agreement without going to court and with as little as seven (7) days' notice (you can leave right away for safety but will need to pay rent until the end of the notice period) 

  • STAY - apply to court to have a perpetrator’s name removed from a lease 

  • Make a rental home safer through lock changes or security upgrades

  • Sort out disputes about property damage, unpaid rent or bonds

  • Seek removal from, or avoid being listed on, a tenancy database if the listing was because of FDV.

    For further information about leaving your rental property please visit


Safety apps for mobile phones

  • Safety apps may help to increase your safety when using devices like mobile phones, iPads and tablets

  • They can be downloaded to your device

  • Each app has different information and services, some are linked to where you live

  • You don’t need to be experiencing violence or abuse to use a safety app

    What do safety apps do?

    There are many apps for mobile phones that are made to keep people safer. Some have information on healthy relationships, others can link you to support services. There are also safety apps that you can use to send messages or call 000 if you are in danger. Because there are different laws and services in each state and territory, some apps have information just for that area. Apps like Daisy can be used wherever you are in Australia.

    Recommended safety apps:

Positive Pathways

Positive Pathways is a safety and wellbeing app for women experiencing domestic and family violence. It looks like a wellness app with inspirational quotes, positive moments and a daily diary that is password protected. Its main purpose is for use in emergencies, with audio recording, automatic help messages and GPS location as well as a one-touch 000 call function.

Positive Pathways was made by the Zonta House Refugee Association.
For more information visit Positive Pathways Info


Daisy is an app made by 1800RESPECT to connect women to support near them. Daisy can link to service phone numbers and websites, which you can access from within the app so they don’t show in browser history. There is also information on what to expect when contacting a service.
For more information visit Daisy info

Sunny app

Sunny is 1800RESPECT’s app for women with disability who have experienced violence and abuse. Sunny has been co-designed with women with disability to make sure it provides the very best support for the people who use it.

To find out more about Sunny you can visit our Sunny app page.

Thank you to for information about device apps

Your Toolkit- Financial Toolbox

Financial abuse (also known as economic abuse) is a form of domestic violence that is not often talked about, but can have a severe impact on the security and well-being of the abused partner, as well as children/dependents.

  • It has been estimated that 15% of Australian women have experienced financial abuse and there has been a marked increase in the number of women over 50 finding themselves in situations of financial hardship.

  • Many women are not aware they are victims of financial abuse.

Get answers here. YourToolkit details the 4 stages to freedom and provides you with access to the services you need to change your circumstances.

On-line Safety

To learn about on-line safety and take control of your on-line experiences please visit
The eSafetyWomen resources aim to help women manage technology risks and abuse by giving women the tools they need to be confident when online.

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