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What does Esperance Crisis Accommodation       Services offer?

• Safe accommodation for women and children escaping F/DV

• Refuge staff available 24 hours to provide information, give support, act as advocates and offer referrals

• Linen, bedding cooking and washing facilities

•  Emergency food, toiletries

•  Information and support after you leave the refuge

•  Refuge workers can offer information and support whether you stay in the refuge or out

• Accommodation for homeless. Men, women, couples with or without children and families

• Accommodation cannot  be provided to individuals less than 16 years of age, unless accompanied by parents or guardians

• Outreach service available

• Support, referrals, advocacy and information to other services

• The refuge provides childcare by appointment.

• The refuge will help enrol children in the local schools and daycare.

• Activities can be arranged on school holidays



It is a pattern of abusive behaviour through which a person seeks to control and dominate another person. Domestic violence does not take the form of a single incident. It is ongoing behaviour that gradually undermines the victim’s confidence and ability to leave the violent person. The severity and frequency of violence often escalate over time. This violence takes many forms, none of which is mutually exclusive. While physical violence may be the most visible form, others such as sexual, emotional, social, spiritual and economic abuse can be equally harmful.

Examples include: isolating a victim from family and friends controlling their access to money diminishing their self-esteem preventing them from practising their religious beliefs intimidating them, and threatening them.

How Family and Domestic Violence Affects Children

Seeing and hearing violence among family members hurts children in many ways. In general, they can experience a sense of danger, confusion, isolation, fear, tension and/or hopelessness. They do not have to be hit to feel the pain of violence. Children who witness domestic violence are at special risk for emotional and developmental problems.

After Separating

• Change your locks on your doors or windows

• Discuss safety issues with your children

• Inform school/daycare about who has permission to pick your children up

• Inform neighbours or your landlord that your partner no longer lives with you

• Arrange to have an answering machine or caller I.D. so, you can screen your calls

• Change phone numbers where possible

• Have someone escort you to the car/train/bus, especially at night

• Link in with services.

• Outreach is always available from Esperance Crisis Accommodation

Besides taking care of your physical wellbeing, it is important to look after your emotional wellbeing too particularly if you choose to stay in an abusive situation.



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